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Updated: Feb 27

servicenow talent

ServiceNow is a powerful IT service management tool, and without it, running a major modern business would be very difficult. But it is only as powerful as the ServiceNow professionals who can operate it, scale it, and customize it to your needs – and those qualified professionals can be hard to find.

Top Challenges in ServiceNow Recruitment

ServiceNow architects, developers, business analysts, and other IT related roles are in high demand these days, with a variety of challenges facing recruiters who are looking to find top talent. Even within the field of IT, where high demand for workers is normal, those with ServiceNow certifications and experience can have their pick of offers. Increased competition from not only Canadian firms, but also American and international organizations, can make it hard to hold on to hires, because the exchange rate and relative economic conditions mean that many countries can pay higher salaries and contract rates for those in search of work.

However, not all the challenges are on the employer side. Many ServiceNow candidates are moving from permanent employment into contracting, and there are plenty of international workers looking for remote opportunities that list Canada as their place of residence, even when it isn’t. Some of them even exaggerate or outright falsify their qualifications, like padding their LinkedIn profile or using it as a “front” for a third party that is doing all the work.

How to Adapt for Effective ServiceNow Recruiting

As recruitment experts, we’ve found some very effective methods of finding the right people. There’s no shortcut that will skip the entire process, but there are some tips for adapting your approach that can help narrow down your search.

Make sure you focus on warm referrals rather than cold searches whenever possible, as this just makes good sense for almost any recruiting situation – whether you’re hiring for ServiceNow or something else. No matter what role you are trying to fill, use a consultative or executive-level recruitment approach that involves understanding the client’s culture, projects, and deliverables before the search begins, as well as in-depth conversations with candidates once it is underway.

As much as possible, utilize timely client feedback and a fast interview process to reduce candidate drop-offs and lost leads.


Here are a few recommendations for clients getting involved with talent acquisition and recruitment, and how you can help get an ideal candidate in front of you.

  1. Understand that ServiceNow jobs are filling very quickly, and demand for ServiceNow professionals is very high as a result. Give your partner organization enough lead time to find and screen the right candidate for you. If speed is vital – such as needing to hire within the next month – be prepared to spend some time in video calls with suitable candidates as soon as possible.

  2. Competitive industries mean competitive rates. At some point, the question will no longer be about whether you can afford the worker you need; it will be how much longer you can afford to go without them. Consider paying a more competitive rate specific to ServiceNow skills and experience.

  3. If you are flexible and do not need someone with high or intermediate skills, consider hiring a junior individual with excellent soft skills and train them to the level you need. This can save months of searching time and headaches.

  4. Also consider hiring individuals with transferable skills, or those in adjacent/similar technologies.

Case Study of a search for a Senior ServiceNow Project / Program Manager:

So, what does this look like in practice? Let’s look at a recent search we did for a senior position – a Senior ServiceNow Project / Program Manager Role. With a lot of responsibility at stake, we knew that we had to find a great set of candidates, and ultimately, help find the one who could perform up to the exacting standards needed.

We started by reviewing more than 350 LinkedIn profiles, combing through for keywords, technical abilities, proven records, and other high-level factors. From here, we targeted our outreach to 160 leads, which turned into a set of 21 video interviews with the most qualified candidates. Out of that group – and out of the initial hundreds – we chose only six to carry forward and present to the client.

This scope of search and research is needed to effectively source and recommend the best candidates. When combined with detailed consultation and ongoing input from the client, the criteria for success become ever clearer, and the chances of a strong and effective placement rise considerably. It is absolutely worth the time and effort to do it right, because when you do, you don’t have to worry about doing it again for a long time.

If you would like help finding the most qualified talent for your own ServiceNow-related position, reach out to our team today.

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