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bridging the talent gap for your organization

Hire IT Professionals

When you need to hire IT professionals that you can rely on, the first place to look is somewhere with a proven track record. With more than 50 years of collective experience and over 4,000 successful placements, the record of Talint Solutions is stellar.

We know that getting someone who is the right fit for your organization involves more than robotically scanning keywords and resumes.
It takes a synchronized approach of technology and a human touch, able to discern the top candidates from all the others and bring each one to your attention. It involves keeping up with a rapidly changing world and workplace, making the most efficient workflows and processes to eliminate overruns. And, through initiatives like the federal 50-30 Program, it means promoting diverse and inclusive hires who can fill gaps in your knowledge base and add fresh new perspectives to a growing team.

Great outcomes start with great people. Yours are waiting to be found at Talint Solutions.

While building our consulting firm, Talint Solutions has been an integral part of our success. Our firm has very specific role requirements, in a market where demand far outweighs supply. Darren is laser-focused on understanding our requirements and presenting the right people at the right time on very short timelines. 

Tracy, Partner – North American Tech Company


Matching People with their Perfect Professions


Discover the difference great talent can make for you.

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