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Updated: Feb 27

servicenow architects

ServiceNow is one of the most important platforms available to modern business – automating workflows and making regular processes much easier than ever before. This efficiency and intelligence is built by ServiceNow platform architects, who use their skills and knowledge to design workable systems customized to your needs.

What does a Service Now architect do?

Think of the ServiceNow platform as a stack of prepared lumber, ready for use. It can become many different things, but it needs the right builder and designer to make the most of each piece and give it useful purpose. ServiceNow architects fill that role, identifying the needs of the company they serve, the standard operations that will meet those needs, and the components necessary to create a platform architecture.

What is a platform architecture?

ServiceNow platform architecture is the unique configuration of ServiceNow workflows that performs a set of specific tasks. These flexible systems are the core of what ServiceNow offers, as they are adaptable to almost any industry and setting, and compatible with many programs and software sets already in use in the world of business.

The architects align IT capabilities with overall business goals, ensuring that everything works together the way it should to create a functional final product.

Why are ServiceNow architects important?

Just like construction doesn’t proceed without a building architect, ServiceNow architects are the ultimate designers and managers of their platforms and how they work. Among other things, the benefits of ServiceNow architects are that they:

  • Establish technical architecture, implement strategy, and set the foundation for success, across the whole enterprise

  • Advise on integration with other software/platforms

  • Settle the standard procedures and best practices for the platform, freeing up valuable time for your teams to focus elsewhere

  • Optimize performance and minimize technical risk

  • Enable future upgrades, scalability, security, and innovation that can create ongoing value

  • Recommend teams and deliver necessary knowledge for maintenance and support

What is the average salary of ServiceNow architects?

According to Glassdoor, an average ServiceNow architect salary is around $160,000 per year, with bonuses and stock agreements that range from $30k to $109k. People with these skills are in high demand, thanks to their ability to build value and create greater efficiency for organizations.

How do I become a ServiceNow architect?

There is no single path to getting a ServiceNow architect job, but building up the necessary skills is a prerequisite to gain the certification. The organization itself has a good summary of what those skills are and how you can go about gaining them, but be prepared to spend some time and money getting yourself up to speed. It takes a lot of knowledge, patience, experience, financial investment, and skill to become a full architect – and even more if you want to become a certified Master Architect, the highest level you can achieve.

Where to find ServiceNow architects

Getting a platform architect that can deliver what your organization needs can be difficult – you need someone with the understanding, drive, and specific experience in your industry and market space. Hiring such a bespoke fit takes time and energy if you want that person to be effective.

Getting assistance from a trusted recruiter like Talint Solutions, with decades of collective experience and specialization in IT roles, can save you the hassle of a long and drawn-out search. Our professional team can identify and strengthen long-lasting connections, delivering better value by putting the right people in the right places – and allowing them to flourish and help you succeed in the process.



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