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Updated: Feb 27

outsourcing technology project management

In the world of technology, outsourcing projects to an IT recruiting firm can produce many business benefits. However, the single most beneficial outcome that an IT outsourcing recruiting firm can bring to a business is the alleviation of redundant costs of onboarding and training new employees. An organization such as Talint Solutions can set you up with an IT team or connect you with an IT service provider with multiple skills sets and a deep breadth of knowledge in a more optimal timeframe, allowing its customers to concentrate on their business.

But it is also crucial to ensure that when outsourcing technology project management is your plan that it is delivered correctly and follows best practices. IT projects continue to get more complex as technology advances, and consequently, small errors in scope or estimation can become a pitfall for many businesses. Relying on proven leaders and staff with the applicable skills and knowledge to deliver optimal results will help ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone – and this is an area where Talint Solutions excels in every front.

Outsourced Project Personnel

While IT outsourced technology projects may differ in technology and preferred outcomes, there is a single characteristic that most projects require to succeed – the resources roles mentioned below. Talint Solutions is an organization that can facilitate the fulfillment and project delivery of these, from beginning to end.

Project Managers: As leaders of the project, these team members are responsible for developing project plans, delegating IT team members, accounting for costs, and ensuring the project is being delivered on time, on budget, and within the planned scope.

Solution Architects: This role provides IT solutions that deliver positive outcomes and fulfill business requirements. Fundamentally, the responsibility of this role is to assess and evaluate requirements and deliver a solution that will meet the needs of a business.

Technology Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): In the field, SMEs know the limitations and capabilities of software and hardware alike. Experience is a crucial part of this role, as is a full understanding of all the necessary requirements, goals, and constraints.

Benefits of Outsourcing Technology Project Management

So, what are some of the benefits of outsourcing your IT projects? Does it have any additional positive impacts, besides the general financial ones? You’ll be glad to know that outsourcing to Talint Solutions provides:

  • Full access to current and industry-leading skill sets and field experience

  • A reduced impact on operations budgets

  • A greater ability for your organization to focus on core competencies, while critical projects are completed

  • Risk reduction and management, as critical projects are implemented by experienced resources that may not currently be on the payroll, and risks are shared with a trusted partner

  • Greater control and management of overall project costs

  • Less reliance on HR to provide skills competencies that may not align with your core service/product offerings

Types of Outsourced Technology Projects

Data Center Relocations: Moving servers and the accompanying hardware and materials is no small feat. We ensure that data remains secure, intact, and protected throughout the entire process.

Cloud Migrations (Azure, AWS, Google): Cloud migrations can cause a lot of headaches if done incorrectly or incompletely. Our professional team ensures a smooth transition to your new system, with support every step of the way.

ServiceNow: The ultimate all-in-one platform for automation, customization, and streamlining of IT support, ServiceNow requires an expert touch in order to deliver its full capabilities to your organization’s team.

Program Management: To increase efficiency in operations and performance, a high level of program management is necessary. We help deliver the skills and abilities necessary to identify trouble areas and systematically remove them from implemented workflows.

IT Infrastructure: Many modern IT systems have come together piecemeal, and often require additional support to build infrastructure as they grow. See our blog post on Why Do Organizations Have Network Architects?

Application Software Development: Custom software can be the difference between good business and great business. Outsource development to us for a glimpse at how powerful this tool can be. See our blog post on Why Do Organizations Have Software Architects.

Phases of Project Outsourcing

We follow these phases for all projects that are outsourced to us, creating a consistent workflow and a streamlined order of operations.

1. Design / Architecture – consultations, setting goals, and understanding what the project will look like from an overhead view

2. Planning – identifying personnel and resource needs, as well as creating outlines for necessary work and how different project components will be implemented.

3. Implementation – placing fundamental and overlaying components of the project execution, including new or custom software, efficient program integration, or physical hardware moves.

4. Transition to Operations – training, documentation, and best practices for your organization moving forward.

If you have an IT project that may be beyond your capabilities, resources, or capacity, why not see if outsourcing the IT talent is right for you? Get a hold of Talint Solutions today and we’ll help you get the right people in the right places for your success.

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